I know what you mean. You are not the only one who needs to tone up for the summer, and I plan to do it smartly. Last year I came across a diet that worked for me, but I went a little bit astray during the winter. Also, I went home to see my family for two weeks over Christmas. My dad is a great chef, and he did some fantastic cooking this year. Now I feel that I need to tone up to make sure that I look in my new bikini.
This is my second year with London Escorts from https://londonxcity.com/escorts/, and one of my gents would like em to enjoy a summer holiday with him, so I must look good and show off a little. The other girls that I work with at London escorts are somewhat jealous. None of them have had the chance to travel a lot, and the fact that I am going to the Caribbean for two weeks seems to be making them a little bit jealous.
As I am saving up for something special at the moment, I can’t afford to join a gym in London. Instead, I am planning to do lots of walking and cycling in London parks. The only problem is that I need to try to fit everything around my London escorts shift. It is not going to be easy, but I don’t live very far from a big park, so I guess I will have to get myself going. It is also going to be essential to stay a little bit more active at the weekends.
My diet is going to consist of eating more fruit and vegetable. To make sure that I lose weight safely, I am also going to ditch potatoes. They don’t mix with other foods, and when I tried the diet last year, I found that eating sweet potatoes is just as good for you. One of the girls at London escorts told me that they keep you fuller for longer, and I think that is right. I have some butter with them, and they taste just great.
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