She requires a lot of understanding and tenderness for us to work. She often gets angry at me when I do stupid things around her. Which I could not stop doing because that is who I am. My girlfriend‘s name is Kelly Ollie. She is one of the most beautiful girls in my eyes. She is, and I have been in a working relationship for over six months now, but it’s changing. Kelly’s behavior is improving as time goes by. At first, she was tolerant of the patient and me, but soon it all turned.
I don’t know why she is acting up like this and I don’t want to leave this relationship so early. I know in my heart that she and I have so much protection. A girl like Kelly will never come into my life again I’m sure of it. But if she would not change her attitude, I’m afraid that she and I will not work out in the end. Kelly is a beast when it comes to her work. She works twelve hours a day seven days a week. It is very humiliating because she works harder than me and I’m the man. But I always support her because I know she has a lot of dreams she wants to come true. I believe that’s because of all the pressure she is feeling that she is changing.
She is always in constant deadline, and her boss is still breathing down her neck. Although I love her very much, I’m afraid that she is no longer the girl I fell in love with. She completely changes. Now she is like a completely different person, and I don’t appreciate that. I demanded her to back into her ways, but she still did not. She continues Bainbridge to me all the time despite if my efforts to make our relationship work. I’m the past it never crossed my mind that I could come to the time that will thing to leave Kelly but I have no choice at this point. The longer I hold on to her the more it hurts for me. I wished Kelly Ollie with her in, and the future and I got on my way.
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