Are London escorts busier on Valentine’s Day than throughout any other day of the year? If you were to ask any lady at a London escorts service, she would probably tell you that Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year. It is the one day when singletons residing in London or checking out London occur to feel really lonesome. I love working on Valentine’s day since the men who date London escorts of on this extremely special day frequently offer up some sort of romantic gesture.

I must be among the luckiest ladies at our London escorts service because I actually date lots of rich men on a regular basis. When Valentine’s Day comes around, I wind up with all sorts of nice little deals with. This year was extremely special. One of the gents I have actually been dating for a long time at London escorts was moving abroad and made a real hassle out of me. He normally purchases me a great bottle of fragrance, but on this celebration, he purchased me a set of drop diamond earrings. It was his way of saying goodbye and thank you.

Do we end up with lots of chocolate? Yes, a lot of London escorts do wind up with lots of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are popular too, and I believe that I receive a minimum of two or three bunches of red roses on Valentine’s from my London escorts dates. If I am going out with someone at the time, I might even receive more flowers. It is very romantic and I do value my roses. However, I do like other flowers as well, and my finest dates understand precisely what type of flowers that I like to receive.

What else would your hot attractive kittycat at London escorts value? I can’t really say that I have a preferred present however if I would need to pick one, it would need to be fragrance or body lotion. Over the last few years, I have discovered that I have a little bit of a fetish for body lotions instead of fragrance and I do try to encourage my gents to buy me body creams. The majority of the time I end up with body creams and the matching shower gel. I enjoy it, and my flat is loaded with bottles and containers of body lotion.

Are all London escorts so fortunate? I do not think that all ladies who work for London escorts have such general dates as I do. When I worked for a low-cost London escorts service I never utilized to get such good presents. You were lucky if you got one increased and perhaps a cheap box of chocolate. If you work for a cheap London escorts service, you need to accept that things are different. I am glad that I work for an elite escort agency in London. You get treated like you are the very best thing sine apple pie, and I like it. But, elite escorting is something that you work your method up to.