So the girls at and I are all in agreement that men can be dirtbags at times. Working in the dating adult industry we come across many of these types of men. Do you have the smooth talker who will say anything with his deep sexy voice and charming ways just to woo you I make you feel weak at the knees. The sad thing about him is that he means none of it they’re all lies that he has told before and his only intention is to get his dick wet.


The one type of guy that like and I despise the most is probably the one who will try and deliberately figure out your weakness or self-esteem issue and exploit it to get you into bed. The girls in and I particularly take offence to this as not only are you using trickery to get a woman to sleep with you be also unmasking wounds that may have taken many years to overcome. And after all of that you just walk away leaving an open wound for your victim to try and heal again.


I think the guys that annoy the girls in and either most other ones he think that they are irresistible. The ones to spend more on clothes and hair products then any self absorbed woman. These type of dirtbags think that they’re shit don’t stink and do not take rejection well. say that it’s because they don’t often get rejected so when they do their ego is badly hurt and they start to act out. Luckily I’ve never come across one of these types of men but if I ever did they would find my foot in their ass for acting in such a disgraceful way.


You have to watch out for men as they will tell you allsorts of lies just to get you into bed. There have been some scientific studies that show that it is an innate animalistic drive that causes men to act out when they don’t have sex. There may be some truth to that science but just know that there is an innate animalistic innersole in me that will kick any man’s ass for trying to trick me into bed.


The girls at always laugh when I tell them this but as women we have to stand up for our rights and recognise when men are trying to take us for idiots. Luckily at the agency the girls and I very very rarely come across idiots like this we have been fortunate to have safeguarding procedures that the agency provides to ensure that we have present safe and enjoyable dates with our clients. I guess because were able to see the good side to men on these dates that are set up by the agency we feel more compelled to stand up to the idiots that may come away.