Be honest with yourself, what was the reason your last relationship failed? Did you say things ended because of cheating, or poor communication or lack of trust? Now what was the real reason your relationship fell apart? No matter how you want to present it, we are pretty sure your last relationship fell apart because of sex. Now sex may not be the obvious reason but it is most definitely the underlying reason. Your partner wasn’t satisfied but they didn’t want to hurt your feelings so they didn’t tell you they weren’t satisfied, maybe they took things to another level and actually cheated on you. And it’s that way for a lot of couples. Your partner isn’t satisfied and rather than telling you that, they choose to take matters into their own hands. Sounds about right, doesn’t it. And that’s how you ended up on this page. You know what we know, satisfying your partner and keeping them satisfied is the secret to a happy relationship. You just aren’t sure how to satisfy your partner but that’s ok, because we do. So let’s get started.